Interactive Asset Tags simplifying workflows and reporting.

BackFlowID available through LocalBuy

Amtac is pleased to be able to offer BackFlowID (and other QR2id-enabled services) through Local Buy.
If you are a Local Buy user, please contact us to discuss procurement aW5mb0BCYWNrRmxvd0lELmNvbQ==.

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What is BackFlowID?

BackFlowID is a new interactive asset tag which leverages the popular WasteID Service, currently used by numerous authorities and utilities in managing trade waste compliance.

BackFlowID presents contextually relevant information/ workflows to the person scanning the tag. For example, an authorised local authority user scans an unallocated BackFlowID Tag. He/she can assign it to a site/device, set the GPS location, and record other applicable details. When that tag is scanned by an authorised tester all applicable details are immediately available and the locally relevant service form can be completed.

The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. are the exclusive distributors for BackFlowID in Australia, providing valuable income to support the activities of the association.

If you would like information on purchasing BackflowID tags please email YnBhYW9mZmljZUBicGFhLm9yZy5hdQ== with your contact details.

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Simple Deployment

QR2id enabled BackFlowID Tags are conveniently deployed by scanning the QR2id Code with any smart phone or tablet using the QR2id App (on or offline).

Globally unique identifiers

Each BackFlowID Tag has a globally unique QR2id Code, which links to contextually relevant information and workflows.

Realtime Insights

Authorities can review service information at a glance, exchange data with internal systems, and oversee service activities in realtime.

Context Aware Reporting

BackFlowID facilitates reporting in the required format for each jurisdiction, based on the geographic location of the backflow prevention device.

Automation & Schedules

The required service information can be set for each BackFlowID Tag, with reminders and overdue notifications able to be generated automatically.

Unlimited Users

Authorised users are assigned context sensitive Roles that determine the information and workflows they can access. plumbing inspectors, plumbers/testers, and property owners can all use BackFlowID.

Free for Members

The BackFlowID application is free for members of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc.

Low Cost Tags

BackFlowID tags can be purchased from the BPAA Shop from just $10.00 each for members. The non-Member price is just $15.00 each.

One BPD at a Time

Whether you have ten or ten thousand backflow prevention devices, you can benefit from BackFlowID. Get started small today and build over time.

Partnering with the BPAA

The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. (BPAA) has partnered with Amtac to enable BackflowID to support the development of improved and more efficient data collection for backflow regulators and testers.

The BPAA is a professional body specifically dedicated to Backflow Prevention. It is a volunteer organization made up from members across all aspects of the plumbing and water supply industry. Current members include Local Authority Employees, Manufacturers and Agents, Plumbing Contractors, Education and Training providers etc.

link BPAA Website